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We are so excited to take you all on this journey of health, wellness, and happiness with us. We look forward to exploring ways we can help you feel and look your best inside and out.

We are both in the medical field, Nurse Pracitioner and Registered Nurse. We plan to create a fun, safe, exciting and inviting aesthetics and wellness experience for you that allows us to foster long term relationships.

We value our community and look forward to seeing you not only in our clinic, but at the many local events in Puyallup too.

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Shannon is a Nurse Practitioner with over eight years of experience in Emergency and Urgent Care Nursing, which has led to the Aesthetics field. Before studying nursing, Shannon earned a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. She is known for her honesty, integrity, and natural approach to helping people look and feel their best. 

Shannon graduated from Frontier Nursing University in 2020 with a Family Nurse Practitioner Degree. After graduating, she worked for a Mobile Urgent Care company caring for many individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic, when patients felt the most uncertain about accessing healthcare. This time period was very fulfilling and provided Shannon with many opportunities to treat patients in a respectable, complete manner, and what patients deserved. Meanwhile, she began training vigorously in Aesthetics to continue to provide honest, reliable care that isn’t intimidating but rather welcoming to patients. Shannon is so excited for continued growth at Avid Aesthetics and Wellness. She is certain that the current and future services offered within the practice will bring value and wellness to her client’s lives. Shannon explains everything in a way that is understandable and direct. She always makes people feel like they have been heard and understand the procedures they are interested in. Shannon believes that “less is more” when it comes to aesthetics and focuses on enhancing her patient’s natural beauty.

Shannon currently lives in Puyallup, WA, with her family. She has a wonderful husband and a young daughter with whom she loves spending time. Shannon prioritizes family time and loves animals, being outdoors, hiking, walking, weekend getaways, and traveling. She is currently starting the process of building a home. Shannon hopes to foster long-lasting relationships with her current and future clients at Avid Aesthetics and Wellness.

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Katelyn is a Registered Nurse with over eight years of experience in the medical field. She went back to school to earn her Master’s degree in nursing at Alverno College after working in the Emergency Room for many years as an ER Technician. After nursing school, Katelyn worked in Surgery and specialized in one-on-one care for individuals with ALS. Before finding her passion for medicine, Katelyn worked with the teenage population struggling with various life challenges, utilizing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eastern Washington University. Katelyn has found that her strong background in psychology and passion for wellness fit hand in hand. Her greatest strength is communicating, empathizing, and finding true connection and trust with her patients. Katelyn is currently working on her Family Nurse Practitioner license at the University of Cincinnati and plans to graduate in 2024.

Katelyn is known for her openness, exceptional patient care, and loving nature. She explains everything clearly and respectfully, making people feel heard and valued. It is immensely important to her that you feel safe to be exactly who you are and comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns throughout the entirety of your relationship. Katelyn focuses on embracing her patient’s natural beauty as she finds each patient’s uniqueness to be powerful and recognized. During nursing school, Katelyn worked for an incredible Nurse Practitioner at a Medical Spa in Milwaukee, WI. During this season of life, she had her first “heart tug” for a direction and forever career within this area of work. She is most excited to dive deep into wellness and holistic approaches as Avid Aesthetics and Wellness grows and expands. That is her greatest passion.

Katelyn lives in Puyallup, WA, with her husband, young daughter, and two Bernese Mountain Dogs. She met her husband snowboarding ten years ago while working at Summit at Snoqualmie on the weekends. Family is the most important thing to Katelyn, and she is working hard in this new chapter to provide an amazing life full of security and adventure for those she loves. Before returning to school, Katelyn took many years traveling internationally and collecting as many passport stamps as possible. Through these moments and memories, Katelyn learned about who she was and prioritized what is most important in life. Katelyn is happy when she is working out, hiking, gardening, cooking, camping, creating a new playlist, attending concerts, or spending time in the mountains.

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